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DISCOVER-THE-MAGIC-OF-RAINBOWS_book_cover_322x250Everyone is talking about the importance of eating a rainbow diet. But, what's in it for kids? A new Children's book, Discover the MAGIC of Rainbows, is a delightful story designed to teach kids about the rainbow of fresh fruit and vegetables and what's in it for them to eat the rainbow. The whimsical story has a colorful cast of characters on an adventure. Kids will be engaged in the search while learning where whole food comes from and the benefits of eating the colors.

Dick Evans, a Traverse City cartoonist, has written and illustrated a magical story in which Annie Oxidant and her dog Phyto, follow a rainbow seeking treasure. They are disappointed when it ends at a farmer's produce stand. 

Friendly farmer, Brock O'Lee, tells them that is the treasure because "You can eat a Rainbow". Rudy Baga, Annie's neighbor, questions that and to prove his point, Farmer Brock takes them on a jaunt to the garden and orchard. He has them find examples of fruit and vegetables for each of the colors and explains the benefits in terms understandable to kids.

Blended into the fabric of the story is the value of whole, fresh food grown locally and how sunlight produces the rainbow of colors in plants. The book is highly recommended by nutritional and medical experts involved in the process of changing the diet of children to combat the ongoing epidemic of childhood obesity and diabetes.

Author and cartoonist Dick Evans' most recent release, Discover the MAGIC of Rainbows, has been met with rave reviews and immediate success.

Quotes from the experts:

• "In today's society, where fast food marketing overwhelms the media, it is nice to have a healthy food message to read to children. We are using this book as a resource for all preschool programs in our system."

Brigid Wilson, Manager
Munson Medical Center Childcare Services, Traverse City, MI

• "As an acupuncturist, natural healing methods are what I provide to my patients to optimize their health. This includes recommending a dietary lifestyle of nutrient-dense foods to bring about proper body functions. In the book, Discover the MAGIC of Rainbows, Dick Evans provides children with a sound foundation of what nutrient-dense foods are and what good nutrition is all about."

Jeff Campbell, MSAc, Dipl.Ac
Shoreline Center for Healing-Traverse City, MI

• "What a wonderful way for children to connect with their food! As a Public Health Nutrition Educator and Registered Dietitian, I have found no better way to educate children than to engage their imagination and teach a lesson through a story. I use this book to help kids think about the rainbow of fruits and vegetables they have tried and then to create the discussion of the wide variety available they have yet to taste.

I love that Discover the MAGIC of Rainbows helps to take children down to the farm and connects them to the first source of their foods- many are surprised to find it's not the grocery store. In a world overwhelmed with processed foods and supplements, the emphasis on whole foods is so important.

This book is a wonderfully creative story of discovery of where food comes from through the eyes of a child."

--Rebecca Prause-Stachnik, Registered Dietitian, Public Health Nutrition Educator with the USDA "PE-Nut Program"

• "We have become a society based on cheap, imitation foods and we are seeing the results in our nation's health. This is the first generation of children whose life expectancy is projected to be less than their parents due to poor diet and lack of exercise. Childhood obesity and Diabetes have reached epidemic levels in the U.S. Clearly things need to change.

Discover the MAGIC of Rainbows is a great too to teach children the importance of eating a rainbow colored diet. This book can be used to start a discussion between children and parents about where foods come from and what foods we should be buying and eating."

Heather Campbell, MS, Registered Dietician
Shoreline Center For Healing, Traverse City, MI

• "Fun and educational! This book is great for all of us who need to remember to eat a rainbow diet."

Jane Oelke, ND,PhD
Author of: Natural Choices for Fibromyalgia & Natural Choices for Attention Deficit Disorder
Natural Choices
St. Joseph, MI

• "An extraordinary story that encourages children of all ages to eat more fruits and vegetables."

Jan Roberto, MD, Family Physician
Springfield, OH

In a time when society is beginning to show increasing interest in nutrition, this clever yet simple children's book helps kids better understand the value of a variety of colors in their diets while learning about it all with a fun and entertaining picture book.

Discover the MAGIC of Rainbows!

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Discover the MAGIC of Rainbows

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